Health to me is all about being able to go out and do the things you love, to play with your kids, be part of your community and achieve the goals that you set for yourself.

Working, training and moving the same way every day can leave us feeling, achy, tired, stressed and a little bit crooked! As a result we are often in pain and suffer from injuries, or just aren’t as full of vitality as we should be. This is where I come in!

My passion is to help you move well and feel great.

My passion is to tailor soft tissue sessions for you to realign all those muscle fibres and address postural imbalances and also to get you into that really blissed out state that only massage can achieve.

I also aim to provide you with the tools you can use to make small and sensible changes to your daily habits, changes to get you moving well and feeling great.

I studied here in Auckland gaining two Diplomas in Health Science and Sports Therapy and hold a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate.

Since moving to Auckland, I have been privileged to work with some of the country’s top athletes and sports teams such as NZ Kiwis, Maori All Blacks, Auckland Mystics and The Vodafone Warriors. 

I have also been extremely fortunate to work for Cirque de Soleil as massage therapist on their production of Quidem. 

Three seasons on and my time with the Warriors has cultivated into looking after the team’s domestic massage with my own team of therapists.  

Most importantly though, I have run, swum, competed, sweated and sometimes broken my body and know firsthand how it is to be a little off.

I hope to see you in the clinic soon. Give me a bell if you have any questions.

Call 022 128 8351 to book a massage appointment with Debs or book online.